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Workshops and trainings for SAP Concur 

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The introduction of new software should be accompanied by a simplification of the processes and a minimization of the error rate. In order to actually achieve this, the training of the employees is indispensable. Targeted training, training or workshops increase the acceptance of new software and guarantee a full understanding of the leaner processes.

rocon is a certified training partner of SAP Concur

rocon offers training for SAP Concur as needed.
We train your employees based on your own system configuration. You save time and money, and your employees get exactly the information they need for their daily work. Trainings are offered in German and English .


The training is aimed at travelers and approvers. You will learn how business travel in SAP Concur is simply applied for and travel expense reports are created correctly.


The training is aimed at people from the Finance and HR departments. Processors and the accounting department will learn how to correctly enter and process travel expense reports with SAP Concur.

Training for Travelmanager

You will learn how the guidelines for business travel are mapped in your SAP Concur system and how to ensure compliance.

Trainings for Admins

If you are entrusted with the day-to-day maintenance of the system, then an administrator training is useful.


The completion of this intensive training enables the participants to independently make configurations to SAP Concur in their company. The training is designed as a train-the-trainer concept, so that key users are given the ability to hold end-user training themselves.

You can attend our trainings and workshops online or as classroom training on site.
Just contact us and book the best training for your employees.

Thorsten Spengler - Global Product Expert SAP Concur

Thorsten Spengler
SAP Concur Global Product Expert

„The focus of our trainings is to tailor them individually to the participants of a course. We always train in an environment that corresponds to the live system. After a workshop you will find your way around your SAP Concur environment.“

Schulung für SAP Concur

Training in the real work situation

Our keyuser training on SAP Concur is particularly valuable as we tailor the content of the training to the system configuration used in your organization. As a trainer, you only hire experienced project managers who deal with the system daily in ongoing projects.
Before each intensive training, our trainers go through a briefing and set up a test environment that exactly meets the customer’s specifications. Your employees will find a training situation that corresponds to their daily work situation. In the train-the-trainer approach, you gain the know-how to train employees yourself.

SAP Concur Advanced Configuration Training

As a subcontractor, we offer Advanced Configuration Training (ACT) on behalf of SAP Concur. rocon is currently the exclusive training partner in German-speaking countries.
The registration for an ACT takes place via SAP Concur.

You will receive expert knowledge for the holistic administration and maintenance of your SAP Concur system. Upon successful completion of an ACT, students will receive full configuration access to the system. For customers who want the highest available configuration access.

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