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Reports and analyzes for travel expense management with SAP Concur.

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Analyzes and reporting for SAP Concur

SAP Concur Business Intelligence enables you to perform comprehensive analyzes and reporting. You get insights to the business travel expenses of your business even before they arise.

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Travel expenses have a big impact on business expenses. At the same time, they represent a post requiring complex follow-up as costs and payment transactions come from a variety of sources.
How about evaluating your travel expense management data so that you no longer overlook the issue? You could better plan costs and avoid risks.

Michael Weidmann - Contact for SAP Concur

Michael Weidmann
Managing Director rocon GmbH

Well-established reporting increases the added value of your software solution. For travel expense management with SAP Concur, we therefore set up individual reports or train your employees in dealing with the analysis options of the software.”

Benefits of Intelligence Reporting for your Travel Expense Management:

  • Merging data from relevant sources (booking costs, travel expenses, credit card data, expense reports, personnel costs, etc.)
  • Illustration of the information in clear and concise dashboards
  • Automatic alerts and notifications help you control expenses, detect questionable transactions, and enforce policies. For an effective and efficient management of your budget.
  • Mobile availability of Teports
  • KPIs are defined individually for your company
  • data normalization: Vendor matching avoids data duplication (e.g., in credit card data) and associates each transaction with the correct source. So you can see exactly how much is spent on flights, hotels and car hire.

Set up your Reportings in SAP Concur

Intelligence Reporting from SAP Concur combines the information from booking, travel expenses, ERP and credit card data in one system, so that you not only receive up-to-date evaluations, but also create reliable forcasts.

  • Reporting Workshops: In our reporting workshops you will learn how to create individual reports for your company. The training is based on your system, so you can work with examples from your daily work.
  • Reporting set up as a service: Simply order your reports via rocon. Our team creates evaluations and forcasts according to your specifications. Benefit at the same time from the comprehensive consulting service.

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