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Individual Travel Allowance

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Individual Travel Allowance

Easily manage individual expense calculations with MISTRAL-ITA

If the calculation of daily allowances (per diem, travel allowance) in a company deviates from the legal requirements, the processing of travel expense reports can quickly become complex. With the add-on MISTRAL-ITA (Individual Travel Allowance), complex and company-specific expense calculations can be easily mapped in Concur Expense. Arrangements that are recorded separately for expenses, for example in company agreements or collective agreements, are integrated into the travel expense management system.

Certified solution for mapping Austrian collective labour agreements in Concur Expense

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Within Austria there are currently about 800 different Collective Labor Agreements (CLA). Companies in Austria who want to use SAP Concur are thus confronted with complex regulations that have to be considered in travel expense management. As a certified service partner of SAP Concur, rocon offers a comprehensive solution to process Austrian collective agreements in SAP Concur Solution.

Andreas Illavsky - Global Product Expert SAP Concur

Andreas Illavsky
SAP Concur Global Product Expert

„MISTRAL-ITA greatly simplifies the mapping of Austrian collective agreements in travel expense management. Together, we examine the possibilities for your company.

MISTRAL-ITA offers the following advantages for complex daily rate calculations in SAP Concur solution:

  • Illustration of salary-based expense rates
  • Consideration of work schedules / working time models in the calculation of daily allowances (Attention: No integrated time recording!)
  • Mapping of Austrian collective agreements
  • Mapping of expense calculations according to company agreements
  • Mapping of expense calculations according to collective agreements
  • Distinction between active and passive travel times
  • Reports and analyzes for accounting and payroll accounting
  • System-based approval process
  • User friendly intuitive interface
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Das Add-on wird über MISTRAL, den Could Service Hub von rocon in Ihre bestehende Systemlandschaft und damit in SAP Concur eingebunden. Hier erfahren Sie mehr über die universell einsetzbare Middleware.

Individual advice on complex expense calculations

You are looking for a solution that can handle complex, individual expense calculations in travel expense management. We advise you on our solution MISTRAL-ITA for Concur Expense.

This is how MISTRAL-ITA works

Flexible and needs-based configuration

The specialized solution can be used to manage individual and particularly complex expense calculations. Our experienced consultants take over the system configuration for you and, after detailed consultation, adapt the add-on individually to the customer-specific requirements and the collective agreement used. Your travel expense management system automatically uses daily and tax rates after the implementation of the extension, taking into account all applicable special regulations. If there is a change in the collective agreement, the system can be adapted later. In addition to this flexibility, MISTRAL-ITA is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness and ease of use.

Intuitive interface

When creating a new travel expense report, the employee only has to use the Individual Travel Allowance or the Expense Policy for Austria. All expenses, for example daily allowances, are easily selectable. By mouseover, the traveler will be shown helpful information that will assist him in correctly completing the travel expense report.

System-based approval process

The system alerts the traveler to any input errors. Only after the correction, the travel expense report can be sent to the approver. Thanks to the structured listing of all items and the option for additional remarks, the approver can easily track all expenses and thus approve billing faster. You save time by avoiding unnecessary correction loops and your employees receive the corresponding reimbursements faster.

Reports and analyzes

By using MISTRAL-ITA in Concur Expense, you receive detailed analyzes for the settlement of daily flat rates. A clear breakdown of the proportion of the employee’s costs and the amounts paid by the company is provided. At the same time, wage accounting shows which part of the expenses must be taxed. This will give you and your employees more overview in complex expense calculations.
The rocon team advises you on the processing of your reports and adapts them as needed.

MISTRAL-ITA is the only SAP Concur partner solution for Austrian Collective Labour Agreements. Find out more about how SAP Concur and rocon work together to support Austrian customers.

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