MISTRAL-TREX - Belegfilter für SAP Concur


How to easily filter
receipts in SAP Concur.


Manage your receipts in SAP Concur

MISTRAL-TREX (Transfer Receipt Extractor): The add on for SAP Concur makes it easier for you to filter and compile selected documents from the total of your travel expense reports. Find out how to use the extension to save time and resources in your travel expense management.

Be Smart

Whether train ticket, hotel bill or car park receipt, in SAP Concur all your documents are digitally recorded and assigned to the respective travel expense report.

But what to do if, for example, a compliance audit is due and certain receipts from the travel expense reports of the last year are needed?
Until now, you have to look through each travel expense report separately and manually select the documents you want. This can take an enormous amount of time, especially when your company is taking many business trips. With MISTRAL-TREX, document filtering is easy and uncomplicated. In just a few clicks, you set the filter options and receive exactly the documents required by the auditor.

MISTRAL-TREX Belegfilter mobil nutzbar
Andreas Glaser - Manager SAP Concur Opperations

Andreas Glaser
Manager SAP Concur Operations

„SAP Concur already offers a large range of functions in the standard version. Should the standard not be sufficient for one of your requirements, rocon is the right contact. With individual enhancements we make SAP Concur your system.“


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Master audits in an instant

MISTRAL – TREX t serves as an add-on for SAP Concur to filter and search travel expense reports according to specific criteria. You can filter your billing by

  • Country
  • Time period
  • Expense type

and get the matching documents for your search.

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Then extract your selection and save it in a filing structure defined for your company. A manual compilation of statements and vouchers becomes obsolete with MISTRAL-TREX. You save time, valuable resources and are prepared for requests from the auditor for your business trips.

Safe and privacy compliant:

MISTRAL-TREX will be implemented according to your individual requirements. The rocon team provides needs-based advice so that the add-on optimally supports you in your daily work. We make sure that the access and storage rights for the document filter are compliant with local laws and your company’s compliance policies.

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